Demolished Church (soon to be)

 My brother-in-law drove me around the back roads of Southern Illinois looking for old churches and homes.  We came across this church that was originally built-in the late 1800’s.  Unfortunately, it will soon be demolished because it is no longer in use (this is a common occurrence in this part of the U.S.).

P.S. This is my first attempt of a HDR with the Nikon D800E (9 exposures).

ISO 100 f8 14mm (Nikon D800E, Nikon 14-24mm f2.8, HDR Efex 2, Color Efex 4, Photoshop CS6, Apple Aperture)


Kneel before me

I took this shot almost a year ago during my baby girls baptism.  It was an older church with poor lighting.  I was using my Leica 35mm summicron at f2.0.  The ISO had to be bumped up for the shot and the noise created gives it character, especially in black and white.

ISO 2500 1/90s f2.0 35mm summicron

Hopewell Church

As I’ve stated many times in the past, I always enjoy taking pictures of old churches.  I’m starting to have a good collection of them (maybe I’ll post them all together some time).

This church is near my home town and was taken early evening.  This is always a great time to capture landscapes because the shadows are not contrasty and you can often times get great exposure of both the foreground and background.

P.S.  I may start reposting some of my post from early last year.  I have a lot more followers and think many will appreciate some of my early pictures (don’t worry, I have plenty of fresh pictures also).

 ISO 160 1/1500 f/1.4 50mm summilux

Enlightened Church

Here’s another shot I took back in 2009.  This is an old church that sits on old U.S. 50 in my home town of Lawrenceville, IL.  I have driven by it for years and always liked the look of it.  I decided one evening to attempt some long exposures and thought this church would be a great subject.  The picture turned out well.  My only wish was that I would like to have some clouds in the sky.  It would definitely add some drama to the image.


Up until our move last year to Fort Wayne we would make the trip from Cleveland to Illinois a couple times a year to visit family. We always took a shortcut on US Highway 20 that would allows us get on I-69 in Angola, IN. I must have never paid much attention to my surroundings because on each of these trips we would pass this old white church that set off the main road about 1/4 of a mile. One afternoon, while driving back to Cleveland after preparing for our move to Fort Wayne, I noticed the large white church. I pulled over and liked its simple architecture and its weathered look.

Recently, the caretakers found me and commented on a picture I took of Powers Church on flickr (they said it was one of their favorites). Anyway, I never realized the importance of this church to the local community until I read a few articles about it. It was built around 1875 for less than $2000 by one of the original settlers in the area, the Powers family. At one time it set unused for over 20 years.

If you want to read more information about the church, you can find great articles in the USA Today and the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. Also, there is information on wikipedia.

Below are a few pictures I took, including the picture the caretakers liked.