Yesterday we did the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail, an 8 mile hike to the Tea House.  It was an absolutely beautiful walk up the mountains and next to glaciers.  After the hike, our little girl wanted to stick her feet in the ice cold Lake Louise water for some relaxation.

Phase One IQ3-100 ISO 100 f6.3 1/250 Schneider 55mm LS f2.8


Not very often do you see beach pictures with someone wearing a beanie and a winter jacket.  Well when it is 37 degrees in West Palm Beach and you are on the beach, you got to stay warm.

Sony a7R III iso 160 f2.5 1/1000 Zeiss 25mm f2.8 Batis

These two

Finally had a day warm enough that I felt comfortable taking my daughter and my great-niece for a hike around the property.  They also got to experience for the first time walking on ice above the creek that runs through our property.  As we were walking back home, both decided to take a break in the snow.  I thought this would be a good time to capture them.

Phase One IQ3-100 ISO 400 f5.6 1/400 Schneider 80mm LS f2.8

Our Future @ 6 yrs

Below you will see the evolution of a little girl over the past 6 years. It’s just amazing how much she has grown!


Our Future @ 6 yrs

Phase One IQ3-100 ISO 50 f6.3 1/250 Schneider 55mm LS f2.8


Phase One IQ3-100 ISO 50 f8 1/250 Schneider 120mm LS f4.0 1/250 Schneider 55mm LS f2.8


Our Future @ 5yrs

Phase One XF IQ3-100 ISO 50 f5.6 1/250 Schneider 55mm LS f2.8


Our Future @ 4 yrs

Leica S ISO 200 f5.6 1/125 24mm super-elmar-s


Our Future @ 3 yrs


Our Future @ 2 yrs




Our Future @ 1 yr

Our Future