The Bean – Black & White

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I’m amazed how often people click on my blog because they are searching for information on Chicago’s “The Bean” (its real name is Cloud Gate).  I’ve posted this image before in color but honestly have never been happy with the look of the sky.  Here’s the picture in black and white.  I think I’m finally […]

The other end of the fountain – HDR necessary?

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I read somewhere on the web that the Nikon D800E dynamic range was so great, that shooting HDR (blending multiple images together to increase tonal range) was unnecessary.  This image was one image but edited in HDR Efex 2 so that I could use their tonal range processor.  I believe I have to agree that […]

Demolished Church (soon to be)

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 My brother-in-law drove me around the back roads of Southern Illinois looking for old churches and homes.  We came across this church that was originally built-in the late 1800’s.  Unfortunately, it will soon be demolished because it is no longer in use (this is a common occurrence in this part of the U.S.). P.S. This […]