Cloud Gate “The Bean”

I often get a request for copies of my Cloud Gate (aka The Bean) pictures for both commercial and personal use.  If you do a google image search for the “The Bean” you will find one of my images  as the 2nd most looked at picture.  I’ve recently update my SmugMug account and have started posting pictures there that some may want to print.  For individual commercial use you can purchase print here and also for personal use.  You can always download one of the pictures from my site (most of these images are within 2400 x 2400).  Last, if you are interested in a full-size image for personal use and you don’t want to buy through SmugMug please don’t hesitate to contact me (I will typically send it too you for free and then you can print it yourself).

Here is the link to my SmugMug page.

Click on the image to see each of my Cloud Gate pictures posted to this site.

cloud gate, millennium park

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