Leica 90mm macro-elmar user report

About 10 weeks ago, I got an email from Dale Photo telling me that a Leica 90mm macro-elmar with the adapter was available and I was next on the list to have the opportunity to purchase it.  I had the 90mm summarit which I think is very nice and under appreciated.  I opted in buying the macro-elmar because I wanted a telephoto (for a Leica it’s considered telephoto) lens that could be used for portrait and also close-up (even though it’s called “macro” I don’t consider it one) photography.  It’s also collapsable, making it easier to fit in your bag.

I don’t consider my self an expert and I’m definitely not a “specs” guy.  If you do a google search, you will probably only find 1 or 2 reviews of this lens.  It’s hard to find any real world pictures though (flickr has a few).

In the few weeks having the lens I’m extremely impressed.  I don’t consider it a true “macro” because you can’t get any closer than 0.5 meters (0.7 meters without the adapter).  The amount of detail and sharpness at such close proximity to your subject is simply amazing.  My only wish is that it had a lower aperture (lowest f-stop is 4) so that I could shoot at higher shutter speeds and not need a flash or tripod.

P.S.  All images are un-cropped.  If you are interested in seeing the full-size image let me know.  Also, eventually I’ll shoot a few with it attached to my Sony NEX-7.  I’m pretty sure these images will also be amazing (the 35mm equivalent will be 144mm).

ISO 2000 1/90 90mm without adapter

ISO 200 1/30 f/4 with adapter

ISO 2500 1/90 f/4 90mm without macro adapter

ISO 160 1/180 f/8 90mm with macro adapter and flash

ISO 160 1/180 f/8 90mm with macro adapter and flash

ISO 160 1/180 f/8 90mm with macro adapter and flash

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