22 Dec

My favorite pictures of 2011

I started this blog in May and have successfully kept blogging ever since.  I’m averaging more than 1000 clicks a month now, thus the site continues to grow.  I hope to continue posting weekly into the new year and hopefully will make some significant updates in the future (i.e. new logo, more reviews, and a better portfolio).

Last December I went through all my digital pictures and had about 15000 pictures in my library.  After sorting through them and removing around 5000 pictures, I was left with 10000 for the new year.  Over the past year I’ve taken more than 9,000 new pictures.  The reason for taking more pictures is not because of this blog, it’s because of owning the Leica M9/M9-P and having a new beautiful baby girl.  I look forward to shooting even more in 2012.

Below are my my favorite shots of 2011.  It’s hard to narrow down to just 10 (actually 11) but here you go:

You call this talent?    

ISO 160 1/45s f/1.4 50mm summilux

Our Savior

ISO 160 1/250s f/1.4 50mm summilux

Morning Haze

ISO 160 1/4000s f/1.4 50mm summilux


ISO 160 1/250s f/1.4 50mm summilux

Essence of Cool

ISO 160 1/4000s 50mm summilux

Dad, who are these people?

ISO 160 1/360 f/8 28mm summicron


ISO 200 1/30s 28mm summicron


ISO 200 1/30 90mm macro


ISO 160 1/180s f/1.4 50mm summilux

Our Future @ 6 months

ISO 160 1/125 f/4 35mm summicron

Our Future

ISO 160 1/360 f/2 35mm summicron

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