Our Future @ 3 months

Continuing with my monthly series of “Our Future”, I’ve captured our baby girl at 3 months.  Each time I setup for this shot, I get scared that she may not cooperate.  As she has gotten older, she sleeps less, and is more in tune with her surroundings, thus it’s hard to get her to stay still for any duration of time.  With this said, it’s actually been easier to get this shot.

I’ve only posted one picture from each photo shoot so far but this time I have two.  Maybe you can comment which one you like best?  Personally, I like her looking forward but I think her mom likes her smiling at the camera.  In either case, it’s remarkable how much she has grown and how she can easily hold her head up now.  Enjoy, we sure have!!!

P.S.  I’ve also posted a comparison of all her previous pics (you can also see the previous post “Our Future“, “Our Future @ 4 weeks“, and “Our Future @ 8 weeks“).


8 Replies to “Our Future @ 3 months”

  1. I am with you, Gage. She is totally adorable smiling into the camera, but the one with her looking forward is more artistic. Just my opinion. However, she is gorgeous no matter what!!

  2. i love this idea. it’s amazing how much you don’t notice a child growing until you see them in the same sport every month! great idea!!!

  3. i love the newborn and 3 month pictures!! The newborn picture says to me peace and new life. The 3 month picture shows me growth and hope withing the new life. Just my opinion. 🙂

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