Weekend with old friends – Staircase to the sky

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit with friends from my home town. Levi, a high school classmate of mine, took me for a drive around Lawrence County (Illinois).  He’s been photographing the county for time and you can see some of his pictures here.  I was fortunate that he was able to drive me around so that I could grab a few pictures for myself.

This first image was actually my last image I took.  We were heading back home when we came across this large grain bin.  I noticed the staircase and the faint light that was upon it.  We stopped, and this is what I captured.

P.S.  One of my friends that I met up with this past weekend has a great jeweler store and is most known for his custom work.  You can find his info here.

Leica S ISO 100 f11 1.5sec 120mm apo-macro-summarit-s

Hopewell Church

As I’ve stated many times in the past, I always enjoy taking pictures of old churches.  I’m starting to have a good collection of them (maybe I’ll post them all together some time).

This church is near my home town and was taken early evening.  This is always a great time to capture landscapes because the shadows are not contrasty and you can often times get great exposure of both the foreground and background.

P.S.  I may start reposting some of my post from early last year.  I have a lot more followers and think many will appreciate some of my early pictures (don’t worry, I have plenty of fresh pictures also).

 ISO 160 1/1500 f/1.4 50mm summilux

Abandoned Outhouse

My brother-in-law and I drove around yesterday looking for abandoned structures to take pictures of.  We came across this old church that was built in 1898.  It’s still in use but does not having running water and still had outhouses.

The sun was beginning to go down and I was trying to capture it in the picture.  This can be a challenge because it will often causes everything in the foreground to be extremely dark.  I decreased the shutter to 1/750 of a second, hoping to increase the detail in my foreground but also catch a glare from the sun.  This doesn’t always look good but I think it worked well in this picture.

ISO 160 f1.4 1/750 50mm