The beginning storm

I have a lot of interest when it comes to photography.  One minute I’m interested in shooting people and the next I’m interested in shooting landscape.  One type of photography that I have not spent much time with is time lapse (long exposure).  Time lapse photography is where you set your camera to a very long exposure (typically greater than 10 seconds).  Mostly, this will be done at night but can be done during the day if using a neutral density filter.  A good example is Ben Canales.  He has a website, The Star Trail that has some awesome sky shots.

One of the first times I attempted this type of photography was in 2008 with my Canon 5D Mark II.  I was at Huntington Beach near Cleveland and was taking pictures of Lake Erie as a storm began to arise.  This shot was a 13 second exposure.  I really like how the water looks in this picture.  Only thing I wish is that I caught more of the break wall in the picture and I should have had the camera closer to the ground.

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