The Rustic Barn

Last summer I was driving around trying to find old barns to take pictures of.  It’s getting more and more difficult to find these old structures and when you do they are typically surrounded by other buildings or homes therefore it’s very difficult to get an isolated shot.

I came across this barn that set well behind the owners home.  I went up to the door and inquired if I could take a few pictures.  They initially questioned if I was trying to sell them something (I guess they have people come by inquiring about taking “fly over” pictures of their farm).  After I informed them I was just an avid photography with an interest in old barns, they had no problem letting me walk around their property.

This was a 7 exposure HDR.  I used a wide angle lens and made sure that there was something in the foreground so that I could add depth to the image. The only downside is that a wide angle lens causes “distortion” to the structures.  This can be fixed in photoshop but often adds a nice effect to the image.

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