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Earlier today my site was offline for a few hours.  I’ve switch my domain from gagemphoto.com to rangetraveler.com.  I did this because I never liked using my name within the domain and felt “range traveler” would be better.  The reason for “range traveler” is because I use a rangefinder  camera (if you’re not familiar with rangefinder cameras click here to read about them).

I hope to have an updated review on my Leica M9-P in a few days.  The reason for updating is that I have changed my opinion over the past few months as I have become more familiar with the camera and have spoke to others who use the  Leica M9 and/or earlier Leica film and digital cameras.  Also, Steve Huff posted an open letter from one of his followers about his disgust with his Leica M9 (read here).  This post has brought a lot of comments for and against Leica.  Personally, I think many have the wrong interpretation of the Leica M9.  Hopefully I can clear some of it up.

P.S.  Here is a list of changes to my site:  changed url to rangetraveler.com, added favicon next to url, removed affiliate programs, added my favorite links, changed home page main image

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  1. My M9 opinions have changed as my inanimate babies have become quick moving kids.

    Your choices are to stop down, get really fast at accurate focusing, or to grab your autofocus camera…

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