Weekend with old friends – Staircase to the sky

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit with friends from my home town. Levi, a high school classmate of mine, took me for a drive around Lawrence County (Illinois).  He’s been photographing the county for time and you can see some of his pictures here.  I was fortunate that he was able to drive me around so that I could grab a few pictures for myself.

This first image was actually my last image I took.  We were heading back home when we came across this large grain bin.  I noticed the staircase and the faint light that was upon it.  We stopped, and this is what I captured.

P.S.  One of my friends that I met up with this past weekend has a great jeweler store and is most known for his custom work.  You can find his info here.

Leica S ISO 100 f11 1.5sec 120mm apo-macro-summarit-s

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