Where is he?

Most who know me, know my favorite camera to shoot with is my Leica M9-P.  Yesterday, Leica announce a new M series camera called the Leica M Monochrome.  At first, buying a camera that only shoots in black and white may sound a little crazy (especially for the price) but if you are someone who shoots a lot in black and white it makes some sense.  The pictures I’ve seen have been astounding and the ability to shoot at ISO 10000 and still be useable makes it even more interesting (the Leica M9 does not shoot great beyond ISO 800).  I noticed one of Steve Huff’s shots was ISO 2000 and 1/1500 of a second (WOW).  Look forward to reading more about it.

I took this shot lost fall at the Lincoln Memorial. It was dark and I noticed her sitting patiently waiting for someone.

ISO 2500 1/45s f1.4 50mm summilux


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