Since I was little, I always watched my dad take pictures of the family and things that interest him. It seemed like he always had a camera in his hand. Sadly, in 2003 he passed away after a long battle with cancer. Upon his death I inherited his camera gear. I suppose I looked at it as a passing of the torch. I decided to buy a Canon 20d to use with his lenses and immediately fell in love.

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Since that time, I have gradually traded and sold all of my dads camera gear. I felt it was just a stepping stone to bigger and better things. As my love for photography grew, I began to develop an interest in landscape photography. One day searching the interest for pictures I came across a website called Stuck in Customs by Trey Ratcliff. His use of HDR photrography widened my horizon and has helped me tremendously in becoming a better photography (visit his website here). Today, I often utilize this technique.

I don’t travel a lot but often enough that I found out quickly the difficulty in carrying camera equipment. Also, I don’t like sticking out in a crowd and I always felt when caring my dSLR I was being watched. Eventually, I came across a photographer, Steve Huff and his website. He traveled taking pictures with a rangefinder camera, mostly a Leica m9. I recognized the camera but initially thought it was just an “old fashion” film camera.

As I continued to research and began looking at the variety of pictures on the web taken with this remarkable small camera, I fell in love. With the blessing of my lovely wife, I decided to sell my collection of dSLR’s and lenses. I definitely believe I made the right decision.

The Leica m9 is a remarkable camera. I’m amazed that a camera so small (in regards to dSLR) can create such phenomenal pictures. I truly believe the quality is second to none. Post processing (image editing) has now become much easier because the quality of the images often times need little processing.

The challenge of taking pictures with a manual focus camera and only prime lenses (ie the lenses don’t zoom) has brought a whole new dimension.

Please enjoy the website, and continue to follow me.

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  1. It’s amazing that you sold all your Canon gear and went with the Leica. You are truly a purist and indeed inspiring. I remember meeting you and you had just bought the 1.2. I still have yet to go back and dive into photography but because of you, I will be reading up more into the Leica’s. I’m still waiting for the 5D mark iii, but for now my iPhone 4 and Canon S90 will have to do the trick.

    I love the site by the way.

  2. Elijah, thanks! Soon, I plan to post a review of the Leica M9 and some pics. I really liked my Canon 5d mrkII but I have to admit I’m not missing it since buying my M9.

  3. Wow just wow, saw a picture of yours in our bank and thought no way, can’t be the same guy…. Look it is… Truly talented aren’t you!
    Tonya & Abby Stanford

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