Clearing over the ridge part 2

Once I took my initial shot using my 30-90mm lens I decided to attempt a panoramic series.  My shot from yesterday was taken only inches off the ground.  This shot was just the opposite.  I brought along a tripod that allows me to shoot seven to seven and half feet off the ground (I’m not that tall, I brought a step-ladder).  Probably the most important thing when shooting a panoramic is to make sure the tripod is level with the ground.  Next, I try to make sure each image overlaps by 30%.  By doing this, you can easily stitch the images together in Photoshop without having to crop much of the edges.  This shot was a total of 10 pictures, 28,932 x 6714 in size.  I liked using the 120mm (equivalent to 90mm full frame lens) because there is very little distortion and has extraordinary sharpness.  I hope you enjoy.

Leica S ISO 200 f11 1/25 120mm apo-macro-summarit-s (10 picture panoramic)

Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park - Panoramic
Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park – Panoramic
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