It’s been a few days since I’ve posted.  My grandmother passed away last week and it’s been a little hectic.  When going through some of her and my grandfathers stuff (he passed 13 years ago).  We came across this shadow box.  This brought back many memories.  Memories that include the many weekends we spent at the lake or driving down the street with their Model T.  Listening to stories of when my grandpa flew a plane and the time he landed it upside down.  The many Saturdays I would go to his gun shop to see him and grandma and the many evenings I would catch him working in his workshop.  Rest in peace grandma and give grandpa and dad a big hug from all of us.

Phase One XF IQ3-100 ISO 100 f11 6 sec Schneider 80mm LS f2.8
Phase One XF IQ3-100 ISO 100 f11 6 sec Schneider 80mm LS f2.8

Hot pepper

For a short time, I had this idea I would start shooting macro.  About 2-3 weeks into having Canon’s 100mm macro lens, I decided to sell all my Canon gear to buy a Leica M9 and lens.

I obviously didn’t have the opportunity to take many macro shots.  It was difficult to focus and I felt you really needed a flash dedicated for macro shots.  Here is a picture of a red pepper my wife was growing at the time.

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