The Hot Dog Man

Recently, I’ve been excited to post pics taken with my Leica M 240.  I still have my Leica M Monochrom and love how it renders black and white pictures.  We were in New Orleans and one evening a friend and I took a walk down Bourbon street.  I was amazed how crazy it was even on a Tuesday night.  It’s definitely, a great town to take pictures.

ISO 1600 1/60 sec f.95 50mm
(Leica M Monochrom, Leica 50mm Noctilux, LR4)

Family Friendly?

We were walking through the crowd at the Taste of Madison and out of the corner of my eye I caught these two enjoying time together.  I’m not sure what was stranger, seeing these two showing affection for one another at a family friendly event or that they were lying next to a porta-potty?

ISO 200 1/360’s f.95 50mm noctilux (Leica M9, Leica 50mm noctilux, Silver Efex Pro 2, Aperture 3.3)

The Right Angle

I enjoy capturing others taking pictures. Here’s a group getting their picture taken. I like the young lady trying to get the right angle and the guy nearest me telling everyone to hold up.

ISO 250 1/90’s f.95 50mm noctilux (Leica M9, Leica 50mm noctilux, Aperture, Silver Efex Pro 2)


Re-post December 2011

The one thing I really enjoy about my Leica M9 is the ability to shoot without a flash in low light.  This is only possible because I can shoot at very low apertures (i.e. f/1.4 or f/2.0).  The only down side with the Leica M9 is its poor high ISO if shooting in color.

This picture of my nephew was taken only with light from a few lanterns and street lights.

Coffee talk

Re-post from November 2011

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and black Friday.  We decided to do our shopping online.  No crowds, no stress, same prices.

As I was walking around the Lincoln Memorial with a friend I was trying to find someone interesting to take a picture of.  Eventually, I found this couple enjoying a cup of coffee while resting on the steps of the memorial.  They seemed unaware of everything around them besides each other.


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