Farmer’s Market

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted any pics.  We traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to visit family and then made a one day stop in our favorite city, Chicago.  I’m pretty sure I captured a few good pics.

Here is a pic from our travel to Madison’s Farmer’s Market.  I’ve been to farmer’s markets before, but none of this size.  It completely surrounded the state capitol.  Here is a pic of one of the vegetable stands.

ISO 160 1/750’s f1.4 35mm summilux (Leica M9, Leica 35mm summilux, Aperture 3.3)

Hot pepper

For a short time, I had this idea I would start shooting macro.  About 2-3 weeks into having Canon’s 100mm macro lens, I decided to sell all my Canon gear to buy a Leica M9 and lens.

I obviously didn’t have the opportunity to take many macro shots.  It was difficult to focus and I felt you really needed a flash dedicated for macro shots.  Here is a picture of a red pepper my wife was growing at the time.

Lost pictures

Every couple of months I go through my pictures trying to find ones that I like but forgot about.  Today’s picture is one of them.

Last summer I was driving around looking for places to take pictures of and came across this old barn.  As I walked towards it, I glanced down and notices these flowers without petals (maybe they weren’t flower, never was very good at botany).

ISO 160 1/4000 f1.4 50mm summilux (ND filter was also used)

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