VSCO Film Review

I’ve searched for years for the right presets and/or plugins that would assist me in my post-processing.  The past few months I’ve been using VSCO film presets.  I have become absolutely in love with these and have almost completely quit using all other plugins/presets.  I think what makes them unique is that they use the adjustments within lightroom and therefore you don’t have to create multiple picture files and you can always make post-preset adjustments at any time.  It allows me to spend more time taking pictures and less time post-processing.  Also, many of the presets fit my style of photography perfectly.

VSCO Film is sold under 4 sets, modern, classic, instant, and slide film.  I probably use classic, instant, and slide film the most.  I will forewarn, they are expensive but you do get a discount for each set you buy after purchasing one.  Personally, I think they are well worth it.

Here is a post by Steve Huff with samples (he got me hooked on them).

Below are a few pictures of before and after (click on the images to see them larger).  Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Gage,

    I too am in love with these presets. I convert 90% of my images to black and white and used to feel that I suffered from color post-processing disorder. VSCO Film has cleared up this condition. Thank you for you thoughts.

    Cheers my friend,


  2. Which particular presets do you like with the Monochrom? I’m adding an MM to the line up soon and was curious. I love the Agfa Scala.

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