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Photographers, like me are always interested in what other photographers use when taking pictures. Many are also interested in what software is used in post-processing. Below is a list of my gear. As I continue to update this site, I will give you my thoughts on each of these products.
I’ve also linked all my equipment to their manufacturers product pages.
Last, here is a link to a video I made displaying what I typically carry in my bag.
Camera Equipment
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  1. Amazing, You have the exact same lens kit as I do, save for a different version of the 90mm. Enjoyed meeting you at the m9 workshop.


  2. It was nice meeting you also. I’m seriously considering getting rid of my 21mm and moving to a 28mm. I wish I would have played with the 28mm summicron at the workshop.

  3. Hello Gage,

    I noticed that you like B&W & you have both M240 & MM.
    May I ask you your comment about MM & M240 on black & white photography.
    I am new to B&W but I am intrigued with MM. However, will M240 do the job also?
    If there is a high resolution CMOSIS of M240, what is the place for MM? Is it a good investment to buy MM or I should go straight to M240? I am using M9-P & will not give it up because I like M9-P’s images & they are great except high ISO. I am trying to make a decision if I should wait for M240. So far, M240 is very different image vs M9. It may be a little DSLRish but it is very very sharp. Ultimately, I will buy a M240 eventually or may be later. What is your comment between M9 & M? I am sorry for so many questions. If you find some time, really appreciate your reply.

    Best regards,

    1. Michael,

      Thanks for posting. Without question, the sharpness in the MM can not be challenged by the the M240 and M9. The reason for this is because the MM doesn’t have the color filter on its sensor compared the others. Also, the high ISO performance is also far superior (the M240 probably comes close). The noise produced in high ISO’s in the MM in my opinion has unique character and I often purposely shoot in the ISO 1600 – 3200 range because of this.

      There’s also cons to have an MM. The obviously one is that you can’t convert to color. That’s the upside to owning the M240 or M9. Also, you can easily “blow” shadows and especially highlights with the MM (again because there is no color filters on the sensor).

      In all honesty, it’s probably overkill to own both a MM and a M240 or M9. I suppose if you are like me and enjoy having 2 cameras (one as a backup) and then I guess it does make sense.

      Last, since I own both a M240 and MM you will probably see me use the MM more in low light and in environments that can express a lot of emotion (ie my most recent blog post of my little girl in the bath).

      Here is a link that shows all my Leica M Monochrom pictures posted on my website.

  4. Thank you Gage.
    I have viewed these images some time ago. They are very nice B&W images. Images from you & Prosophos tempted me to go for MM. Yes, I would like to have a backup range finder for my M9-P. My M9-P is only 3 months old & I do not want to replace it so soon. Surely, M240 is very nice, it is very sharp with a lot of details. The operation is so much better. The image is different from M9, though & it takes some time for me to get use to. Do you like M9 images better or M240? & Why?

    It is so hard to choose between getting a MM or M240? Both have merits & cons.

    Thanks again!

    1. Michael,

      Straight out of the camera I might prefer the M9 over the M240. I think with a little post-processing the M240 does quite well. The advantage of having a few more megapixels, improved dynamic range, live view, weather sealed, and overall quicker camera response is enough for me to pick the M240 over the M9. I have a feeling as more people own the M240 and we see different post-processing styles, most will agree that the M240 is the best way to go.


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