Clearing over the ridge part 2

Once I took my initial shot using my 30-90mm lens I decided to attempt a panoramic series.  My shot from yesterday was taken only inches off the ground.  This shot was just the opposite.  I brought along a tripod that allows me to shoot seven to seven and half feet off the ground (I’m not that tall, I brought a step-ladder).  Probably the most important thing when shooting a panoramic is to make sure the tripod is level with the ground.  Next, I try to make sure each image overlaps by 30%.  By doing this, you can easily stitch the images together in Photoshop without having to crop much of the edges.  This shot was a total of 10 pictures, 28,932 x 6714 in size.  I liked using the 120mm (equivalent to 90mm full frame lens) because there is very little distortion and has extraordinary sharpness.  I hope you enjoy.

Leica S ISO 200 f11 1/25 120mm apo-macro-summarit-s (10 picture panoramic)

Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park - Panoramic
Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park – Panoramic

Clearing over the ridge

This is probably one of the most popular places to take pictures at Grand Teton National Park (Mormon Row).  We set and ready for sunrise around 0530.  I knew it was going to be a wonderful shoot because there were no clouds to the east but many to the west (over the mountains).  This cloud formation probably only occurs a few times a month, we were just fortunate to be there for one.

Leica S ISO 200 f11 1/6 30-90mm vario-elmar-s @ 55mm

Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park
Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park

Old Grey Barn

Re-post August 2011

Keeping it short today.  Couple weeks ago when I was driving around Bluffton, Indiana I came across this old grey barn.  Again, it was in the middle of the day which does not make for good shooting but I put my 3.0 ND filter on my 21mm lens and shot 7 exposures to create an HDR pic.  I think it turned out well?   I really like the movement of the clouds.

Barn by the Road

February of this year my wife and I went to Wisconsin to visit my sister and family.  We’ve never traveled to Wisconsin and never realized how hilly the landscape is.  I didn’t have time to take too many pictures but we were driving around and found this barn only feet from the road.  The sun was setting and thought it would be a great picture opportunity.  I love the sun rays coming through the branches.  Enjoy.

Repost June 2011

Barn Door

The past few weeks I’ve been busy updating my logs so that I can take my boards this year.  The next step will be gathering all the chart notes, x-rays, etc…  It will be a lot of work but will be well worth it when I’m done.

I’ve posted a picture of this barn before but not from this angle.  I really like the texture in the wood.

Here is the link to the previous picture.  Also, the previous pictures, “Rustic Barn” was recently posted on Photopeka.

ISO 400 f16 HDR

The Rustic Barn

Last summer I was driving around trying to find old barns to take pictures of.  It’s getting more and more difficult to find these old structures and when you do they are typically surrounded by other buildings or homes therefore it’s very difficult to get an isolated shot.

I came across this barn that set well behind the owners home.  I went up to the door and inquired if I could take a few pictures.  They initially questioned if I was trying to sell them something (I guess they have people come by inquiring about taking “fly over” pictures of their farm).  After I informed them I was just an avid photography with an interest in old barns, they had no problem letting me walk around their property.

This was a 7 exposure HDR.  I used a wide angle lens and made sure that there was something in the foreground so that I could add depth to the image. The only downside is that a wide angle lens causes “distortion” to the structures.  This can be fixed in photoshop but often adds a nice effect to the image.

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