I was only able to get up one morning on our trip to take sunrise pictures.  Unfortunate rain and arctic blast that sent cold temperatures all the way to Southern Florida didn’t help the situation, especially when I didn’t pack for 30 degree weather.

Phase One IQ3-100 ISO 50 f9 60 sec Rodenstock 32mm f4 HR Digaron-W

Onward part 2

Here is Onward part 1.

The morning I traveled to Moraine Lake I knew I would not be able to get a typical sunrise.  The sky was overcast and the wind was moving fast.  Once I got there I decided to head down to the dock and capture a long exposure shot.  I set up the camera and turned the timer to 10 minutes.  Before you ask yourself, there is no way I could sit that still for 10 minutes.  I added myself later to the shot.

Phase One IQ3-100 ISO 100 f4 10 minutes Rodenstock 32mm f4 HR Digaron-W


You might wonder what is going on with the sky in this image.  The image was taken early morning and smoke from nearby fires in British Columbia had covered the area.  I obviously felt bad about the wild fires but from a photography standpoint it allowed for me to easily take an image in which the foreground was very clear and the background was in a slight haze.

Phase One IQ3-100 ISO 50 f5.6 1/13 Rodenstock 32mm f4 HR Digaron-W

The Chapel

This small chapel found on the grounds of Yosemite National Park is absolutely beautiful.  It was snowing very hard while I was taking this picture (if you can zoom in on the chapel you can see).  The chapel really sticks out amongst all the large snow covered trees.

Phase One IQ3-100 ISO 50 f11 1/25 Rodenstock 32mm f4 HR Digaron-W

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