It’s been a few days since I last posted.  Like many I get busy with family and work and have to put somethings behind.  Here is another image from a few weeks ago when it was foggy throughout our property.

Phase One IQ3-100 iso 50 f5.6 Rodenstock 70mm f5.6 HR Digaron-W

Into the fog part 2

This small road you would think leads to no where but actually there is an old cemetery there.  Most of the deceased were buried in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.  We often times walk through looking at the many headstones.

Phase One IQ3-100 iso 50 f5.6 1/15 Rodenstock 32mm f4 HR Digaron-W


I plan on each day this week posting a picture during my time spent out in the fog a few days ago.  Here is a picture of a tree branch with a few water droplets from the rain.  There is nothing elaborate about the composition but I really liked how the branch and droplets stood out from the fog in the background.

I also added a 100% crop so that you can see how much detail is in a 100 megapixel image.

Phase One IQ3-100 iso 50 f8 1/3 Rodenstock 70mm f5.6 HR Digaron-W

100% crop

Into the fog

I woke up yesterday to a dense fog throughout our property.  As the day went on, the fog never went away.  I decided to spend some time going around the property trying to capture interesting images.  Here is one of them.

Phase One IQ3-100 ISO 50 f5.6 1/4 Rodenstock 70mm f5.6 HR Digaron-W

Morning Haze

Repost 8.21.11

Yesterday morning I was heading into work on a road behind our subdivision.  It was foggy and as I was driving I found the light coming through the trees with the combination of fog to be very interesting.  I stopped in the middle of the road and opened my door and shot a few pics.

This image was created using my Leica M9-P and 50mm summilux.  I initially edited the picture with Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2.  It has a slider that allows for you to selectively bring back colors.  I did this to the road and really liked the look.  Unfortunately, I didn’t like the rest of the pic thus I decided I would go back to my original file and process it through OnOne Softwares Perfect Layers.  Once I did this I felt I was on to something.  I then opened up Photoshop CS 5 and layered the two pics.  Next I extended the sun rays and added a sepia tone to give it a more warm feeling.

The foggy path

When we lived in Avon Lake, OH we had a small park and walking path behind our house.  Often times after it would snow I would go and try to capture an interesting picture.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take many good ones.  One morning to my surprise, it was foggy and I quickly snuck out to the path and got this.

ISO 125 1/1250 f/2.8 70mm (Canon 5D Mark II)