Last year I wanted to get a reflection of the mountains and was unsuccessful due to the weather.  Here is a picture from last year.  The first time I went out this year I was able to get a good reflection but you could not see the mountains due to the dense fog.

Finally, on the third time, I got the shot!

Phase One IQ3-100 iso 50 f8 1/10 Rodenstock 32mm f4 HR Digaron-W


I plan on each day this week posting a picture during my time spent out in the fog a few days ago.  Here is a picture of a tree branch with a few water droplets from the rain.  There is nothing elaborate about the composition but I really liked how the branch and droplets stood out from the fog in the background.

I also added a 100% crop so that you can see how much detail is in a 100 megapixel image.

Phase One IQ3-100 iso 50 f8 1/3 Rodenstock 70mm f5.6 HR Digaron-W

100% crop

Mother Nature

Last weekend I took a short trip to Napa Valley and Yosemite.  Napa Valley, a place that typically gets little rain, rained the entire time.  Yosemite, which I expected snow, rained the entire first day and snowed so hard the second day that it made seeing anything that was beyond 100 yards very difficult.  I was able to capture a few shots that I’ll be posting over the next few weeks.

Phase One IQ3-100 ISO 50 f10 1/60 Rodenstock 32mm f4 HR Digaron-W


Back home, we drive by this old abandoned mobile home that sits between these 2 large trees up on a hill.  Our last visit home was a dark gloomy day and felt it would be a perfect time to take a shot.

Phase One IQ3-100 ISO 50 f11 1/6 Rodenstock 32mm f4 HR Digaron-W